The Collaboration

Electric Playhouse

We are thrilled to announce the next positively electrically charged collaboration with New Mexico-based Electric Playhouse. This latest partnership teams up EDG’s long-term reputation in the exhibition traveling space, creative entrepreneurial spirit and international cultural prowess with the artistry of Electric Playhouse’s digital and immersive designers, developers and creative technologists.


The digital hands-free experience is a mix of games, artistic interactives, and experiences that are ready for exploration. Using projection mapping and sensors, movements are tracked for the interactions without the need for headsets or other wearable devices.


“We have been waiting for the next best exhibition-experience to rival MythBusters, Sherlock Holmes, Beyond Rubik’s Cube and Dinosaurs. It is finally here!”

What's included



  • Two large experience zones, called Arenas
  • Four smaller experience zones, called Pods, one of which features a selfie station
  • One large accent piece, called a Feature Wall
  • One LED lighting Entrance Tunnel


5,000 – 10,000 SQ FT

These components are modularly designed and can be arranged to optimize the available gallery space and visitor experience. We will work with your floor plan to draw up a layout that best fits your space.


Games to foster inclusivity, break down barriers, and promote fun for all ages

Entrance Tunnel

A dazzling introduction to our interactive space

Arena Games

Projections on the floor and walls to get your visitors moving and playing

Pod Games

An intimate interactive space

Arena Game


Up to four players or teams battle to be the first to collect the most tiles. Collect tiles until the vertical wall scoring reaches the top.

Arena Game

Light Hockey

The first side to score five points wins! Step, kick and block the puck to defend your goal and outwit your opponent.


The goal shrinks with each point scored to level the playing field for all ages!

Pod Game

Mandala Works

Touch all the beautiful colorful mandalas before they float to the ground.
Fun for solo or group play, this experience is relaxing and visually stunning.



Pod Game

Space Runner

Take turns trying to claim the high score for the day! Keep going in the game the longest by staying on the colored path and adding more time by collecting clocks.

It’s harder than it looks!

Pods and Arena

Interactive Visuals

Playful, colorful animations to inspire exploration and back up an awesome selfie

STEAM Powered

Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics.

Electric Playhouse Travels was built by a team of STEAM professionals. Our experience was developed from scratch using JavaScript and WebGL programming languages, and includes processing depth data, custom projection mapping, integrated show control and stunning visuals all constructed from algorithms, mathematics and code.
Our multidisciplinary team endeavors to inspire and excite young coders to pursue careers in STEAM by providing a fun and fresh experience, and sharing a glimpse of the technology used to create Electric Playhouse Travels.


Will EP Travels work in my space?

  • Black room or the ability to control all lighting including natural light
  • Stable internet connection for remote support
  • Available electrical, preferably overhead
  • Minimum 12 ft. usable ceiling height
  • Storage of shipping containers and crates during exhibition duration
  • Flooring material and color suitable for projection
  • Ceiling mounted rigging points preferred

Are these all the games available with the system?

We have lots more games than we could fit on this page!  The exhibition comes with:

  • 5+ arena games
  • 3+ pod games
  • 8+ interactive visuals

And we're developing new games to add to our library all the time!

For more images and descriptions, check out our slide deck:

Electric Playhouse Travels Presentation

How do shipping and installation work?

  • Exhibition ships in two (2) trucks for North America, three (3) containers for international
  • Installation is approximately 10 working days
  • De-installation is approximately 5-7 working days

Sounds awesome! How do I book?

Send us a message and we'll get right back to you with availability!

Do you have slides available to download?

We absolutely do, thanks for asking!

Electric Playhouse Travels Presentation


Ready to book?

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